My poker life and real life can’t seem to get in sync

Lots of job action last week, with bad indo slot 88 results.

Bad news on the job front this week, great poker results.


Anyway, just an update for everyone that commented about my webcam interview:

It sucked.

I wore the suit. The interviewers (there were 3) started asking their questions and I looked into the camera and started my answers, the same answers I’ve given a hundred times, and I made the mistake of looking down at the screen.

They were talking and laughing. It didn’t even appear they were listening to me.

I stopped talking, waiting for them to pay attention, and lost my train of thought. This would repeat itself for the next ten minutes, at which time they mercifully ended the interview.

I don’t know if I should be pissed at them for their bad manners and etiquette, or at myself for letting it throw me and not saying something like, “I can wait until you finish your conversation.”

The recruiter was good enough to call me this week and let me know they were moving on. That’s a first. But, depressing nonetheless.

I have another position in the hopper, but they’re slow to move to who knows what’s going to happen there?

To top it off, we’re having trouble placing one of our dogs in a foster home. Our in-laws have a cat and he doesn’t like cats, so we can’t move him in there. He’s a fantastic dog, great with kids, obedience-trained, can hold his pee all day, but he’s used to being an alpha. The lady that agreed to take him in for us has an older dog and they get along except when the older dog wants to come near the lady. Our dog insists on being closest to the master/mistress, so she told us yeterday it isn’t going to work out. Mrs. Big is running him to a kennel for a couple days until we can find a new place. We had been hoping to have him fostered until we got our own place in a few months, because we love him very much and want him back in the family. But, at this point we’d allow someone to keep him permanently if it meant we can avoid going the shelter route.

If any of you are in driving distance of Jacksonville, Florida, and would like to foster/adopt a great dog, please let me know. It’s killing me that my family is having to go through this all because I lost my job.