I probably had my finest online session ever last night. It was 3 1/2 hours on Ultimate Bet and I played 6 different Sit and Go’s.

The entry fees added up to $72 and 300 points (not play chips, but points that can redeemed as entry fees into tourneys).

The pay off? How about $260 and 1100 points. That’s more than $50 an hour, and 800 bonus points thrown in. Was it the cards or my playing? I’d like to think the latter, but it’s probably the former. Here’s a taste of one of those SNG’s:

First I’ll start with the biggest hand of my $33+3, ten person, slothoki :

Hand #69

Five of us are left. I’m in 3rd place, well behind the leader. In the big blind, I get K♣9♣.

The big blind of 100 is raised to 200 and I call. Three of us are in the hand.

The flop is 7s-9h-9s. Jackpot!!!! First bettor checks, I check, last bets 125. First calls, I raise to 1100. The guy who opened folds, but the original checker calls me. He’s all-in.

Showdown time and I love my Kc-9s. Just not as much as his Ad-9d. Uh oh.

The turn is the Jd. I’m frantically trying to figure out how to win or split the pot. As I figured, just a K will do it for me.

The river hears my prayers because it’s the Kh. Ouch for him. Nice for me.

I go on to win the SNG and take $150.

I was a 7-1 underdog after the flop. After the turn, I had just a 7% chance of winning. Lady luck, I thank you.

Now onto the $10+1, ten person, SNG:

Hand #1

I got started early with a pair of 5’s in the big blind.

UTG raises to 35 and two of us call him.

The flop is 5s-3d-6d. That’s pretty. It’s early, I decide to slow play, risking the straight or flush.

The two behind me also check and the turn is the As.

I check again and the next guy opens with 110. Third guy folds, I raise to 220 and get called.

The river is a Q… of diamonds. Ugh. What the hell, I bet 550 and he calls.

I figure he hit the flush, but my set holds up. He had a measley A-Jo. I win 1650.


Hand #3

Just two hands later, and guess what? Another pair of 5’s.

UTG raises to 35 and I’m the only caller.

Flop is 7s-5d-Js. Pretty. He bets 85, I raise to 170, he calls.

The turn is the Td. He checks, I bet 425, he calls.

The river is the Qd, diamond flush draw again, ugh. He checks, and so do I, not sure why.

I can see why he stayed in the hand, it’s cowboys. But they still lose to me trip 5’s and I win another 1275.


Hand #38

I hardly play the next 35 hands until I get cowboys of my own.

I’m UTG and I raise the big blind of 40 to 100. I get two callers.

The flop is 6d-Ac-5h. Happens every time.

Checked in front of me, I bet 320 and the guy behind me folds. The other guy calls. That sucks.

The turn is a Th. He checks, I check.

The river is the Jd. He bets 960, and I fold. He had the ace, right? Maybe not, but I go back to one of my New Year’s poker resolutions.


Hand #62

We’re down to just 5 players and I’m in second place next to the button. I get 8d-7d.

I call the big blind of 60 and four of us are in the hand.

The flop is 4d-5h-2d. I’ve got a flush draw with a gutshot straight draw.

First bettor opens with 60 and two of us call.

The turn fills my flush, it’s the 6d. Now I’ve got a gutshot straight flush draw.

It’s checked to me. I bet 420 and get a caller.

The river is the 9d. Ugh. Now and diamond higher than my 8 wins the pot. Too bad it wasn’t the 5!

It’s checked to me and I bet 1260 forcing him all-in if he’s got it. He folds. I win 1260.


Hand #75

We’re down to three players, and I’m in third about 1000 chips behind 1st and 2nd. I get Qs-Js in the small blind of 60.

I call and all three of us are in the pot. The flop is Qd-Jh-8s. Great! Unless someone has 9-10.

I check and one guy opens with 180. I call, the third guy folds.

The turn is the 4c. Good, doesn’t help anyone.

I check, he bets 540, I don’t think he’s got it and I raise to 2160, he goes all-in and I call.

He turns American Airlines. Sucks to be him.

The Jc on the river fills my boat and gives me 5220.