Aharon Shaked, a dentist by profession once chanced to step into a famous yoha live at Monte Carlo. While there, it occurred to him that an activity like gambling would be perfectly suited to the internet. This was in the year 1996. Aharon went on to begin the online gaming business called 888 Holdings. The beginning of this month saw this company announce that its shares would be sold on the London Stock Exchange, netting in a huge fortune of 500m pounds. The company that has been running the 888.com poker site and the Casino-On-Net gambling site, was one of the first to give players a chance to place a bet on the net, as early as 1997. As per its claim, it has almost half the world market share of online casino games and a big chunk of poker on the internet . The business will get a value close to 700m pounds, when it gets floated in London. The Shaked family owns a 70 percent share of the company, hence the London listing will value their holding at about 500m pounds.

Mr. Shaked said: “Our money is new, as you say noveau riche. But we’re not ashamed of that.”PokerShare.com – Poker Share Review

Pokershare.com is a new poker room using Excapsa software, the same software that powers Ultimate Bet, Ultimate Poker, and Greentie Poker. Poker Share is licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada. We’re very excited here to welcome Pokershare as our new sponsor site for this poker blog, and we encourage everyone who reads this blog and players poker online to take a look at the innovative and exciting player rewards system that they’ve launched.

Poker Share’s model for rewarding players is their unique selling proposition, which is a necessary thing in the crowded and growing online poker market. This player reward model is based on a player-ownership or player-equity model, where every quarter, the players from PokerShare.com receive a payout of 40% of the company’s profits. The amount of equity each player receives is based on how many player points he’s earned. The more you play, the bigger a percentage of the profits you receive each quarter.

We think this is a brilliant rewards model and can’t wait to get our first share of the profits from the new site.

But we think too that there are other reasons to play at PokerShare, not the least of which is the fantastic Excapsa software product. If you play a lot of online poker, then you’re probably familiar with the concept of multi-tabling. (Especially if you have the same kind of attention deficit issues we have.) Multi-tabling at an Excapsa-powered poker room is a dream because of their unique min-view feature, which reduces the screen size to an amazingly small but still user-friendly size.

At the lower levels, the competition on the Excapsa network is remarkably soft as well, especially in the single table tournaments. One feature that we enjoy about playing at Poker Share is that we get 1500 chips to start a SnG tournament with here instead of the paltry 800 chips that Party Poker gives at the lower levels. This improves a good player’s chances of winning the tournament, which, since we’re good players, is a big selling point.

Poker Share’s first deposit bonus is one of the best in the industry too. Deposit $250 and get a 100% matching bonus. Too bad you can’t buy $500 worth of chips at your local home poker game with just $250, huh?

But seriously…do yourself a favor and give Pokersahre a try. You’ll be glad you did.