Xel-Ha is a spectacular eco-park located south of Akumal, about 15 minutes from our villa in Akumal. It’s located on the eastern coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula, the archaeological site of the Mayans in ancient times.

Xel-Ha’s many leisure, ecological and natural wonders offer activities for the whole family. The dazzling open-sea aquarium allows you to view sea life in its natural abode unchanged and undisturbed.

Swimming with trained dolphins is also a traditional activity for tourists and it is not found easily in most places. Animal and nature people like to spend time in the ocean with these gentle creatures, and they will have a exciting story to bring home to their family and friends!

Snorkeling is also great in the local lagoon. The coral is dead there, but regular feeding keeps the many types of beautiful fish coming back for more. Some visitors will have another party feed the fish so they can view the fish from below.

There is a river which starts in a natural spring, and inner tubes are used to float to the end. This provides a perfect complement to a short nap in a hammock on one of the beautiful beaches.

More adventurous spirits enjoy climbing and diving from the high cliffs in Xel-Ha, touring the Mayan cave, and looking at the local Xel-Ha ruins. These ruins are largely untouched and totally original, which gives a unique look into past centuries and architectural contributions of the Mayans.

Hammock Island, Xpa, Bay of Caprices and The Beach are favorite areas for visitors who wish to lounge and relax at Xel-Ha. Chacah Garden, the Mayan Wall, the Apiary and Plant Nursery provide perfect ecological attractions for fauna lovers. Many examples of nature are also seen at the Inlet, El Dorado Cavern, Ixchel’s Gulf, the Mayan Cave, Chaac Mangal, and many cenotes.

When staying in Akumal, Xel-Ha is a short drive that will please the entire family and offer a choice of activities for all. Day passes are affordable. Xel-Ha is a one of a kind eco-park with things to do centering around relaxation, fun and seeing ancient and natural wonders.

Water sport lovers will enjoy the inner tube float down the river, cliff diving and snorkeling in the lagoon. Naturalists will enjoy swimming with the dolphins and exploring the multiple forms of plant and animal life there, and those curious about the history of the Yucatan Peninsula have an opportunity to see the Mayan ruins and see the architectural influences of that age.

Our children and grandchildren always plan on spending the entire day at Xel-Ha every time they visit Akumal. There is so much to do they never get tired of returning year after year. They like to ride a bicycle through a path in the jungle, jumping off the cliffs into the limpid blue sea, swimming with the dolphins, and walking among stingrays on the bottom of the sea.

This is th first year they signed up for the Sea Trek. They wore a futuristic underwater helmet that looks like deep-sea diving equipment. Sea Trek does not require any previous training , diving or otherwise. Experts will be nearby at all times during the walk, helping you in every way and easing any concerns about the aquatic walk of a lifetime. They all said it was a walk they would never forget!