For all of our South Carolina readers (including the new readers we apparently have from local environs–hi, folks), you can feel secure that at least one of your lawmakers has his head screwed on straight (or at least somewhat straight).

Rep. William Scarborough is trying to get home poker games legalized in South Carolina. Bob Pajich over at Situs Judi Slot has actually done the grunt work for us. As it’s not a typical “pay for coverage” piece, it actually contains some valuable information and seems to be about what I would’ve written, had I had the time, energy, or belief this bill had any chance.

WSOP Goes Crazy

The 46 event schedule at the 2006 World Series of Poker was long… but not varied. Despite the wise addition of a $50,000 HORSE event (which was, unfortunatley, too compacted), the Series was loaded with too many Hold ‘Em events, especially NLHE events.

It seems the people running the whole shebang got the message.

There are 55 different events this year. Prior to the Main Event, there are 12 standard NLHE events with open fields (there’s also a Casino Employees event and a Women’s event). There are also three 6-handed NLHE events, two NLHE Re-Buy events, one NLHE Shootout, one NLHE Heads-up and one Mixed HE event (limit and no limit). Both the Heads-up and Mixed HE events are brand new this year.

The fun part this year seems to be the variety. In addition to the return of the wildly popular $50,000 HORSE event (which is now five days instead of three) we get a more reasonably priced $5000 HORSE event. Event #5 is an interesting $2500 O8/Stud 8 mixed game. There’s also a 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball Rebuy event that sounds like fun… for those who actually play the game.

The other addition this year will be space for about 80 more tables giving the Harrah’s folks up to 300 tables and seats for up to 3300 at a time (if they choose to start events 11-handed). With that in mind, there are only three Day 1s and only one Day 2. Last year, there were four Day 1s, two Day 2s and an off day before Day 3 even started.

I clearly would have been the overall winner last year had I been able to play more events. The Luckbox was in full effect when I was around. This year, I hope to avoid missing them, and you should avoid missing them, too. Because I need your money. Consider it a donation to The Luckbox WSOP Fund. Thanks in advance!