situs judi online is the world’s largest amateur poker tour and has selected “The Division” for its marketing and promotion activities. According to Mark Fraclossi, who is the Creator and Executive producer of the tour, “The Division” fitted into their scheme of things aptly. He also said that “The Division” was the top most poker event and marketing firm in today’s times. Jeff Brausch who is the CEO of The Division has a reputation for giving proprietary marketing programs to the top most brands in the world. SPT will be gaining tremendously from “The Division’s” expertise in event marketing. It hopes to become a world class tour, with this new partnership. The daily operations of the tour will be handled by Stephen Connolly. He has more than 25 years of experience in event management and Matt Savage will make sure that the gaming part of the SPT tour is of the highest quality. reports:

The STPT will tour all 50 United States in search of America’s number one amateur poker player. The tour will also be filmed on television.

New Partnership Between StacksPoker and Bluff Magazine’s Bluff Poker Tour

A new partnership has been announced between and Bluff Magazine’s Bluff Poker Tour. It is the latest addition to the already impressive BPT roster of official venues. StacksPoker introduced the poker room to the tour with an increased prize pool of $3000. On November 11, Stacks will be getting together the game’s top ranking players in an exceedingly advanced poker environment. This event will have a $33 buy in and Stacks will be putting in the additional $3000, to the prize pool. Stack’s CEO, Thomas Newton said there was tremendous excitement about thier upcoming launch. He also said that the tour’s players would surely be impressed with the product that Stack’s had brought, to the market. Here’s wishing a great relationship between Stacks and Bluff Magazine. reports:’s Chief Executive Officer Thomas Newton stated: “We are excited about our launch this fall, and particularly pleased about hosting an official event on the Bluff Poker Tour in is an online poker company established in 2004, which develops and controls proprietory e-gaming software.

Online Poker Gets Invaded by Playing Robots

Online poker is hitting an all time boom. Autoplaying robots are the newer addition to this game. Virtual tables with play taking place among avatars is a common site. It is estimated that about 1.8 million gamblers play online poker, every month. These players dream of big earnings through their game. The stakes in online poker changed dramatically ever since Chris Moneymaker parlayed a $40 internet tournament into a $2.5 million championship, during the world series of Poker in 2003. Many people left their regular jobs and began making a living out of online poker. The tournament’s motto: “Anyone can win”, lures players aptly. But CptPokr is a robot who is placing bets and playing cards  and is different from other icons on the table. His moves are monitored by WinHoldEm, which is the first of its kind autoplaying poker software. reports:

Seat him at the table and he will apply strategy gleaned from decades of research. For years, there has been chatter among online players about the coming poker bot infestation.