Actress has long walks a few weeks before the birth of her second daughter.

After few weeks Milla Jovovich will give a second daughter to her husband director Paul Anderson. Their wedding took place in 2009, and two years before they had a daughter who was named Eve.

The pregnant actress is still active: recently paparazzi managed to take a photo of the star on the walk in Los Angeles. The actress was accompanied by her husband, a friend of the family and three dogs.

On her Facebook page the star wrote the following: “If I did not pass about 10 kilometers every day, then I probably would have been 10 pounds more than I am now. I weigh 83 kilos, which, in general, is the norm for pregnancy. Needless to say, that for three and a half weeks before childbirth I am pretty hard to move with such body weight. ”

The actress also trains with the famous Hollywood trainer Harley Pasternak, who helpedJessica Simpson to keep shape during her two pregnancies.

Kate Winslet told how her children from three different marriages found a common language

Kate Winslet and her husband Ned Roknrollom have three children: 14-year-old Mia, 11-year-old Joe and 1-year-old Beara. Personal life of 39-year-old movie star was stormy, so that her children were born from three different men. And the two eldest of them had to go through her mother’s divorces.

Kate does not think it’s such a big problem. Difficulties temper people. And she was sure that it is important for children to understand from their childhood that life is not always smooth.

“It seems to me that it is important to teach children to struggle with the circumstances, – says Winslet – I wouldn’t like to change anything in my life, honestly. I would stay even all the bad things. No matter how hard times you had to go through, they all have value. Difficulties shape you as a person. But if you do not love yourself, that’s the real problem, is not it? ” – says the actress.

On November 22, 1998 Kate Winslet married the director Jim Tripltona, whom she met a year earlier. In 2000, the family had a daughter Mia Triplton. However, the marriage did not last long – in December 2001 Kate and Jim divorced. The director Sam Mendes became the second husband of Kate. The wedding took place on May 24, 2003 on Anguilla island. Their son was born on December 22, 2003 in New York. In March 2010, Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes announced their separation, and in the same year their marriage broke up.

In August 2011, Kate met a millionaire Ned Roknrollom. On December 2, 2012, they were married at a wedding ceremony in New York. On December 7, 2013 their first child Bear Blaze Winslet was born. For any business translation inquiries, contact Translation Company UK