When planning a trip to Exmoor for a romantic getaway, there are a lot of things to consider. The first thing is to stay at one of their great bed and breakfasts. There are many to choose from, with stunning views to take in from your bedroom or from the diner as you eat your breakfast or lunch.

The second thing to do is to visit some of the local attractions. The first attraction is the BIG Sheep. The BIG Sheep is a theme park that is centred about sheep. It features sheep racing, indoor play area, and an outdoor lazer games. The second attraction is Watermouth Castle. Watermouth Castle is a theme park that includes rides and soft play areas. This is one of the best child friendly attractions to see in Exmoor. The third attraction is The Milky Way Adventure Park. The Milky Way Adventure Park is a theme park that has something for everyone in the family to do. These things include roller coasters, slides, live shows, laser tags, golf, and a maze. The fourth attraction is the Wildlife Cruise. The Wildlife Cruise is the best way to see seals, porpoises and dolphins in Exmoor.

The fifth attraction is the Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park. The Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park is over 30 acres of beautiful nature that lets your child swim with the sea lions and feed the lions. The sixth attraction is Exmoor Zoological Park. The Exmoor Zoological Park is a zoo full of unique birds and animals. It is known for joining together endangered and domestic animals in one area. The seventh attraction is The Alpaca Park. The Alpaca Park is a park full of alpacas that features a trail along the River Claw. The eighth attraction is The Borough Farm. The Borough Farm is the home of the sheepdogs. It is a working 700 ewe sheep farm. The ninth attraction is the Ilfracombe Aquarium. The Ilfracombe Aquarium is an educational attraction that has the many wonders of the aquatic world from Exmoor.

There is no shortage of things to do in Exmoor for families and couples alike but Exmoor has something like no other place. The National Park is some of the most beautiful in all the world, for any nature lovers to just sit and look at and be at peace or take a walk on the south west coastal path.

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