He calls. And shows K diamonds, 8 clubs. My aces don’t improve.

Uh huh. You see, I thought I might be playing against someone with a reasoning brain. My fault entirely not spotting him as the total freaking moron he was. Who the Casino Malaysia pumps $50 into the pot preflop with K 8 off? Oh well, re-buy.

As bad beats go, I am happy to say that was it for the evening. I played a reasonably tight style, joining the limpers in the family pots and taking advantage of the infrequent fortuitous flops. One of which allowed me to double up with a straight on a raggy board against someones pocket queens. So I was back to even.

The next win saw me suck up two all in stacks (only about $40 in each) with two pair against an ace high and a queen high. Despite the early loss, I was quite liking this table.

There were two players – regulars – sitting next to each other on my left. They were playing a similar tight game to me I thought. We didn’t tangle, and I was neither looking to nor needed to. The rest of the table was building up our respective chip stacks quite nicely.

My final big win came when I was UTG with pocket tens. My read of the table was that I was ahead at this point, so I raised the blinds $17 making it $20 to go. Folds all around and just one caller. No problem.

The flop is something like 4 2 J rainbow. I got no read from the other guy on the flop, but I don’t think he has hit. I make a continuation bet of $25. He calls.

The turn comes an eight. I check and my opponent announces all in.

Hmmm, I have to think about that for a minute. I will need another $110 to call. I easily have him covered, but it will wipe out most of my profit for the evening if I lose. All I can beat is a bluff, and even hitting trips with my two outs, I may still be behind his possible trip jacks. What I need it a read on him, otherwise I don’t see any alternative to folding.

He looked very intimidating sitting there, staring me down, daring me to call.

Now, I do believe I have seen this before. Since he is not one of the players I consider ‘good’ at the table, there is no chance in my mind that it is a deliberate reverse tell.

“I call” I say.

“You got me” He says, and turns over A K.

The river is a seven. I think the dealer also had a pretty good read on the guy, because he hadn’t even bothered to pull in my chips after the call, or match up the stacks. He had a pretty good idea which way the chips were going too.

I sat through a few more hands, but as the evening wore on, the game became progressively wilder. Stacks were being swapped with just crazy hands like 8 4 or J 2. A great place to be if just buying in, but I felt I had hit all the good hands I was going to for the night, and did not want to see my, now very nice, stack diminishing to some improbable, and inevitable, bad beat suck out. So it was ‘colour me up please dealer’, and I scooped up the attractive black and blue ($25) chips the dealer gave me.

Oh, and I just have to say one more thing about the Adelaide Casino. Have you ever tried to get a table service drink at Sky City or Crown? Or rather, have you ever got a table service drink at those places? I have, once, and I was lucky. And don’t ever try commenting on the lack of service unless you want petulant disrespect from all the floor staff for the rest of their shift.

At Sky city, there was a ‘matrede’ in the poker area with an order touchpad. If you wanted a drink, or even a meal, you just grabbed his attention, he took your order and minutes later (not hours or never), a girl arrives from the bar or kitchen with your order. Best. Casino. Ever.