One of our affable players, James “DADuhWEEwah” Darnaby, decided to try his hand at a sanghoki Circuit Event at Caeser’s in Las Vegas. As a $5000 buy-in event, this was no chump change, and Jim tried a few $550 satellites for a seat, with no luck.

Eventually deciding to just buy in to the event outright, Jim picked up a tough table, including pro Bertrand “Elky” Grosspellier.

The starting stack was 10,000 chips, with blinds at 25/50 and 75 minute levels. The first two levels were fairly uneventful, although Jim ended up at around 12k.

Picking up JJ, the button made it 275 to go and had one caller, and Jim re-popped it to 1025. Both players mucked.

On the critical hand of his tournament, Jim held KK on the button and again made it 1025. A player behind makes it 2700, and Jim goes ahead to push all-in for 11,800. After a snap call, he knew he was in big trouble. His opponents turned over AA, and that was that!

However, Jim had him covered by 525. He doubled up with 67 against K10, and then managed to get AA under the gun all in with an opponent holding AJ. It’s a premium position to be in, but the board ran out 10 8 7 9 2. The Aces were cracked with a straight, and Jim said goodbye to his first major live tournament.

Good game Jim – he made all the right moves, but nobody could control the cards. We hope to see him at another WSOP event in the very near future.

Mayday approaches, save our souls

Mayday means several things for Carbon Poker. This month is the launch of a new event, which is similar to our highly successful Christmas Scavenger Hunt. Players will be able to check out their admin to find a list of tasks to be completed and their corresponding prizes. There’s thousands of dollars of prizes to be won, all with a stylish theme of impending airborne action!

The origins of our Mayday promo lend from the distress signal of the same name. Here’s a few fun facts about Mayday usage:

– The signal is universal – any personnel capable of receiving such a message over a radio broadcast will understand its meaning. This means you won’t be entirely lost for words while adventuring in Machu Piccu or something.

– When a Mayday broadcast is being transmitted, it is forbidden to take up radio traffic for any other non-emergency communication. That handy radio-based deep sea pizza delivery network you set up with the chaps on dry land will have to wait until Johnny Nautical gets out of his sinking vessel alive.

– Don’t name your aeroplane “Mayday”. The air traffic controllers will have a hard time figuring out what you’re going on about when calling for help. “Mayday, mayday, mayday, this is mayday in mayday!”

– May Day also happens to be the name of a holiday which celebrates the social and economic achievements of the labor movement. YAWN. Mayday is at its best when used in a daring action-hero situation, preferably one involving Sam Jackson.