Belligerence Determination And Decisions In Online Poker

A famous poker legend once said "aggression is rarely wrong in poker, and when it is, it isn't wrong by much? (Mike Caro). Having said that, it is to imply that aggressiveness and imposing personality means a lot in poker. Sometimes your act can win you millions in a couple of minutes.

Adding aggression as a secret ingredient in your poker games will make your opponents go crazy. They will become confused and simultaneously develop fear of your moves.

The second law says that aggression is to be used in a wise manner as a weapon. You have to show aggressiveness at some certain key situations and it doesn't require a frown on face. A cold gaze and quick move is enough to convey your intentions. Belligerence oriented actions don't last long in poker tournaments.

Always go for the big fish in the pond so that you play against solid expert players, not the weak ones. Follow a simple 3 step rule for this strategy;

What kind of hand you have? What kind of hand does your opponent have? What are you making your opponent think about your hand?

Plan your moves according to your stakes. Low stakes, high stakes and medium stakes require different orientation of hands, board and aggressiveness. High stakes require special moves which are not likely to occur and most importantly always maintain your game flow with a thorough check and balance on your emotional level and bankroll management.