Free Video Poker Practice

Video poker is a great casino option that is similar to both poker and online slots. While video poker online is fun to play in its own right, it can also be a useful tool for honing your overall poker skills.

Benefits of Video Poker

Live poker games are stressful, and you need to think fast, make smart decisions and avoid giving away your strategy to win. If your play is slow and clumsy because you're thinking too hard about the best hand to play, a few rounds of video poker may help. Video poker is all about playing the best hand quickly with just a few small adjustments to what you've been dealt. Playing video poker online will help you familiarize yourself with different hands and get a feel for the odds you have with various strategies.

Practicing the Game

If you're playing video poker online for practice rather than money, there's no need to make a big investment in the effort. Many online casinos offer video poker for free. You can use these free games to sharpen your skills with no risk. Once you're achieving strong wins with video poker, you can take your skills and transfer them to the real live poker table. You may also want to try a paid version of video poker to see what kind of winnings you can bring in.

Video poker as a training tool for live poker is a fun and engaging method. You may just enjoy the video version of the casino game so much you never go back.